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With the free TagScanner you organize your entire music collection on your PC.



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With the TagScanner you can comfortably manage the ID3 tags of your MP3 collection and edit on request - this is recommended especially for large music collections to lose not the overview.

Compressed file formats for music - the most famous one MP3 - contain frequently also have additional information, called metadata or tags in addition to the actual audio file. It can contain, for example, the title and the artist of a song, but also the album, the music direction and the date of the recording. The TagScanner helps you manage your tags, because especially in large music collections, it may happen that are the same file name, even though it's different shots. The difference can be determined based on the tags.

With the free TagScanner you can edit the contained information about the piece of music quickly and easily – either individually or bundled. The file name can be changed automatically based on the tags, tag info from the name of the file can be extracted in return. To obtain more information about songs or albums, the TagScanner allows access to various free online databases, which keep the facts available. All other audio formats with the appropriate tags are supported in addition to MP3 (ID3, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WindowsMedia, iTunes). Even artwork - editable comfortably to save disk space, you can shrink it with a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, a standalone audio player in the TagScanner is integrated, so you can also listen to the pieces. Playlists can be created both in the M3U and PLS format, a conversion to HTML, CSV or Excel formats is also possible.

Description of the version: TagScanner

The TagScanner shows all-round improved in version 5.1.595a. The key commands have been updated as well as the sound engine, also the placeholder folder naming system has been extended. The user interface automatically adjusts your Windows resolution now. The day detection as well as problems on systems with multiple monitors were fixed, the stability of the software has been improved. From now on, all settings and scripts are stored in your user profile.

The TagScanner 5.1.595a provides these features and improvements

• Better handling due to revised key commands
• Advanced wildcard system
• Customized resolution of UI
• No error more on systems with multiple monitors
• Revised sound engine
• Storing settings in the user profile

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