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TAGAP is an action shooter in which you must say you against zombie - and killer penguins.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 22.06.2011


If you still believe that penguins harmless little creatures that are just cute waddle away, then you're disabused in TAGAP. In this action shooter, you get to know them from another page and encounter a whole bevy of killers, zombies and robots in the form of black and white comrades.

In the game of TAGAP, you meet the cute animals from its nasty side. You assume the role of Pablo, a cute Penguin, which managed to escape from the nasty Dr. Glewenko. He wanted to make evil monster out of you. Clever as you are, you use your chance on a gloomy day and run from the Research Institute. Now, a horde of zombie penguins and your evil clone hunt you down. You have only one aim - to catch you!

The action shooter offers a lot of shooting fun with a variety of weapons. The palette ranges from the Uzi to the rocket launcher. However, you must be careful when fighting with the rocket launcher in TAGAP. You're too close to the heat of the explosion, then it costs you perhaps not life, but in any case life. Did you successfully fights through several sections in the game of TAGAP, then you will reach to a so-called checkpoint. Here, you can just take a breather and save the game state. If you have successfully mastered the first level of TAGAP, the fun really begins. The sections of the game are always more nested and your whole focus is required. Now the zombies from all sides attacking you and you're no longer safe to your life. The plasma rifle that you now is available, is a valuable tool. But, you have to use it carefully, because the ammunition is limited. If you're lucky, you can find the TAGAP drug in TAGAP. Your sensory perception is strongly influenced by an intense show of colours and a slowdown. It could possibly look at an LSD trip. Have you a level fully completed, you of course will be rewarded. A picture of a super cool Penguin, you can also save, will delight you.

Before the game - shooting fun in TAGAP starts and, you have to choose the difficulty level only once. Start with a slight degree, because your skills is needed also in this. With each higher level increase the demands on you. You need to say so you and others in a dark and gloomy environment against the zombies.

Description of the version: TAGAP

In the action shooter, you'd before the Penguin mutants. These were your friends once, but are mutated by the experiments in a laboratory to nasty zombies and killers. At the beginning of a video gives you a brief insight into the situation. In this version you battle using various weapons through the individual levels. The checkpoints, where you have the opportunity to save the game state to offer you a short breather. Your life points are depleted or you've had enough of the shooting, then it says "Game over" for you too.

System requirements and general information about TAGAP 1.8

• Freeware, free download
• Language: English
• File size 95.2 MB
• Operating system Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
• Action shooter in the jump & run-style

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