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With the intuitive gameplay of table tennis Pro is there for you to an authentic game.



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Table Tennis Pro

The rules at the table tennis Pro are exactly the same as with a genuine and real table tennis game. Table tennis Pro is based the popular ping pong game. You're facing with your chosen opponent in the table tennis pro at a virtual table tennis. A network is located in the middle of the table. Table tennis Pro is offered a 3D environment. Before the start of the game you can still settings, such as for example: change the viewing angle, difficulty, etc place. The control of the game table tennis pro can be selected also by friends. Use the mouse to control the paddle would be the simplest control, where the sensitivity of the mouse varies. For all versions of the control, you can affect your direction and impact strength.

As you certainly know, must hit the ball on the opponent's side of the table once. If you can not do this, your opponent receives a point. Your opponent must beat back the ball before he falls down. If he can't do that, you get a point. Who has reached first 11 points, is the winner. In the table tennis pro got the hang out fast and balls can blare in the practice level practice and perfect. Later, you can participate in different leagues or even single matches to play. The different table tennis arenas in the table tennis pro provide a nice variety and fun. The user interface of the table tennis Pro is simple and self-explanatory.

In the Internet or network, you can play against real opponents, such as for example against your friends or acquaintances with different strengths and weaknesses. Tennis Pro, you can download the demo version of table. If you want to but use all of the features of table tennis Pro, a paid registration with the manufacturer requires games grass. Table tennis Pro runs on all major operating systems and requires only little space. The manufacturer grass games promises this game an addictive.

Functions of the game table tennis pro

• Offline and online mode
• Exercise level
• Single match
• League
• Variable levels of difficulty
• Variable control

The game manufacturer information

The company grass games was founded in Ireland in the year 2000 and develops games for the PC and Mac. All company activities, such as for example website design, programming, marketing, etc. are taken over by Aidan McKenna.

Description of the version: Table Tennis Pro

The new version of table tennis pro has been completely revised and brings many improvements over the previous version. So, the artificial intelligence of computer opponents 31 has been revised, and the gaming behaviour of opponents, as well as the behavior of the ball are now much more natural. Also the whole graphical implementation would reprogrammed for the current version, and there are now many more choices available.

New features in the current version 2 of table tennis pro

• Completely new game design
• Now 31 computer opponents with natural game behavior
• Behaviour of the ball was more reality adapted to
• New control provides more realistic game

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