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T3Desk 2010 is a free tool for clear and space-saving window management.



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T3Desk 2010

With the T3Desk 2010 you can be Lord in jungle of the Windows window easily. By the 3D-Anordnung of the Windows in the background of the desktop, you can establish order and keep the overview.

The use of T3Desk 2010 is very easy and you can test all functions directly after the free download and installation. This tool for all Windows operating systems. The special thing about it is that minimize not in the taskbar disappear, but perspective appear in the background of your desktop and Windows, depending on your preferences, can be swivelled back or zoomed. For a better overview, you can place the scaled-down window to the desktop edge, so you get a better orientation and can arrange the window space.

In addition, it is possible to show any window with title, faster each looking for to be able to access at T3Desk 2010. If you have a Windows 7 version, can the Aero peek feature rejoice, that the window manager T3Desk 2010 supports and allows access to icons in the taskbar of T3Desk 2010. Also to be able to customize your window manager, there are extra features, for example ensuring that each window covered with a special sound or the transparency of the window in the background can be regulated. Another plus is why should run this tool on any computer the low resource consumption.

If questions should arise despite the ease of use, you can take on the most frequently asked questions, the appropriate answers and instructions in the manual of T3Desk 2010 and at the same time polishing your English knowledge, because the Outline window with the list of questions and other setting options currently only available in English version.

Description of the version: T3Desk 2010

The current version of T3Desk 2010 provides the ability to map Windows window on the desktop in 3D and to create a greater clarity. The minimized windows remain in the background and can swing back, zoom and resize. Easy to use and user friendly design, this tool can be adjusted by sound effects, transparency setting, and Aero peek feature. This tool for every computer is due to its low resource consumption.

The most important functions of the window manager T3Desk 2010

• Space-saving window management
• Perspective 3D-Anordnung of the window on the desktop
• Aero peek feature for Windows 7
• Low resource consumption
• Suitable for all Windows operating systems
• Individual special settings possible

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