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The Tonline Wlanaccess Finder is a program, the list of all Wi-Fi hot spots in your area.



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T-Online WLAN-Access Finder

It is now of course, to put up with a notebook in the Park, enjoying the Sun and surf, for example, to retrieve emails or to work at the same time to the Internet. Prerequisite for this convenience, however, is a so-called hotspot - i.e. the ability to externally in an existing Wi-Fi network to dial. There are countless such networks, most of which are private. Tonline Wlanaccess Finder Searches for and finds such hotspots for you. One click is enough to make connect with a wireless network in your area!

Should it go in the holiday? With the Tonline Wlanaccess you can search before Finder for hotspots at your travel destination. You may at any time update the database of Tonline Wlanaccess Finder, you need only Internet access, which can be located with the help of Tonline Wlanaccess certainly quickly find Finder. If you're online, you may simply put your phone book under "settings / now check for updates" on the latest. With the Tonline Wlanaccess Finder, you can set but also a direct election list of your favorite being choice points. You need only the network name (SSID) and the type of encryption. An auto log-in also has the Tonline Wlanaccess Finder: once your user data are registered, you will be automatically connected to an available Wi-Fi network and can immediately start surfing. To use the Tonline Wlanaccess Finder, you need only a wireless card or a wireless adapter. However, may not all Wi-Fi networks used the backup protected to deal with networks and then to use them, is illegal in Germany. By the way: The Tonline Wlanaccess Finder has an auto log-in, automatically connecting to a hotspot.

The Tonline Wlanaccess Finder is a freeware. With just one click, you can download the program and then start surfing - where you want and when you want.

The advantages of Tonline Wlanaccess Finder at a glance:

• Freeware for Windows XP and Vista
• Find all hotspots in your area!
• Preferred profiles diner hotspots
• Auto LogIn
• Advance search for hotspots at your travel destination.
• Signal reaching a hotspot

There are differences between the Tonline Wlanaccess Finder and HotSpot Manager?

In fact, both programs in scope and purpose are very similar. But is the Tonline Wlanaccess Finder the newer software that runs with Windows Vista.

Description of the version: T-Online WLAN-Access Finder

With the latest version of the T-Online WLAN access Finder, you can find just about a database of hotspots to go online with your laptop. A signal tone, you will find out if a hotspot nearby. Also an optical display is possible in the latest version. The software is included in the accompanying version into the T-Online an election software, all display modes are only included in the latest edition.

The most important innovations of the T-Online WLAN access Finder

• Find a database of Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.
• Find out about beep when a hotspot is available.
• Use the optical display for the availability of a hotspot.

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