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The T-DSL Manager can be measure, display and optimize DSL connections.



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T-DSL Manager

The T-DSL Manager is a free software, which is available to all DSL users. With this program the data transfer speed of your current connection is displayed visually.

The T-DSL Manager gives you an overview over all your Internet connections. The software measures the speed and data throughput of current connections and data transfers and displays a histogram friends. Created statistics give information about the time and the duration of your data transfers. The T-DSL Manager has an integrated volume meter and stores the data on the total volume of all transfers. Evaluations can be sort after users, billing period and connection and viewing. Optimize your DSL connection, to achieve a maximum data throughput, and achieve faster uploads and downloads.

The connection monitor shows all active connections. Here, you will also find out whether your computer has access to a DSL connection. In addition you can see logs as well as the respective domain and the speed of transmission. A log button allows the caching of all tasks in a textfile. With the T-DSL Manager any issues already when establishing the connection. The display of the software can be placed space-saving on the left or right edge of the screen or in the system tray.

The T-DSL Manager is suitable not only for customers of Deutsche Telekom, but also for third-party connections. The program supports all DSL telephone systems, wireless networks and router, and multi. Optimize your DSL connection with a download of the freeware T-DSL Manager. Say goodbye to long waiting times on the end of a data transmission. Use unlimited connections and keep doing all operations under control.

Description of the version: T-DSL Manager

The version 6.9 of the T-DSL Manager is a summary of individual software products of Deutsche Telekom. The T-DSL speed Manager, the T-Online DSL Manager 6.0, as well as the version 6.8 of the T-DSL Manager will find in the new version space. The software optimizes your DSL links and shows you all the details about the connections and data transfers in real time. The new version allows full control over all operations involved in the compilation of statistics. All required functions are now in a version of the T-DSL Manager.

Innovations of the T-DSL Manager version 6.9

• Control of all DSL connections
• See a speed of data transfer and measure
• Optimize the DSL connection
• Caching of all operations in logs
• Creation of statistics
• Space-saving display

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