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Free of unnecessary files that only fail the system.



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System Cleaner

The System cleaner removes "garbage" from your computer.

The scanner is a real talent when it comes to uncovering meaning-free files. In particular files that produce error messages, are on the list for that program. Duplicate files are not desirable, the System cleaner immediately discovered them and kills them if necessary from the plate.

Also interesting is System cleaner to clean out registry entries. Thus the application copes is fabulous and defragments in equal reliability. Private files from the history, cache, or start menu, delete system cleaner in the blink of an eye.

The "shredder"function of the program reliably kills files on the hard disk. Shredder is the correct term here, because nothing more left of the file can be recovered under any circumstances.

Description of the version: System Cleaner

A SSD optimizer and tools to speed up booting.

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