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The Sysinternals suite is a powerful collection of tools - not just for computer geeks.



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Sysinternals Suite

With the Sysinternals suite, you get access to over 60 smart utilities that Microsoft releases free after the purchase of by Sysinternals. Many of these small helpers are very useful when dealing with the PC.

For your PC you can download free the universal tool for us. With the Sysinternals suite, you get more than 60 powerful tools to really tune each screw by Windows. No matter whether you want to speed up the computer or whether a crash the Sysinternals suite has - done greater damage to the operating system offers the right tool for every purpose.

The practical tool collection Sysinternals suite is an insider's tip among PC users for a long time. But as it is the case with insider tips, at some point they are no longer very secret. Otherwise Microsoft would have bought certainly simply not the developer of the Sysinternals suite, to the collection of tools for free to offer system tools.

The Sysinternals suite contains many very interesting tools, such as, for example, Autoruns. So that you can determine which programs at system startup automatically - run and what not. Some programs nest unfortunately quite stubbornly in the startup and can slow down massively to the PC, the Sysinternals suite provides a significantly quicker startup. The process Explorer, however, indicates what processes on the PC just to run. This knowledge is especially interesting, if you think a pest could have infected your PC. The Toolkit offers but also network tools like TCPView or the disk management utilities. DiskMon, DiskView and disk usage no secret of your disk is hidden you anyway. Other tools from the Sysinternals Suite show you the start order of installed drivers or change the management of the cache.

Description of the version: Sysinternals Suite

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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