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Synergy allows easy connection of PCs and their central control.



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The software tool synergy lets you control multiple computers with only one keyboard and mouse related - to switch from one PC to the other you, simply drag the cursor over the edge of the screen.

With synergy, you can connect multiple computers and centrally controlled via a single keyboard and mouse. It has also its own display - every computer to switch from one PC to the next, you simply move the mouse cursor over the edge of the screen, and already he appears on the next screen. For the connection, you will need no additional hardware, but just a local network connection (LAN). Also pressing certain keys or buttons is no longer necessary for the change of the system.

There are many possibilities, that offer to you by synergy. Back to files and to move you instead need no external storage media like USB sticks or expensive DVDs more - can you easily make exchanging data with the famous copy and paste function of the operating system. Do you want to use temporarily only a monitor, so you can set the mouse cursor on a display - this prevents slipping on a connected system. This option is useful mainly for games and other full screen applications, to avoid an accidental incident during use.

The clearly arranged user interface allows you to select all relevant settings with just a few clicks. Already created configurations can be stored in the SGC format so that again can be accessed when needed on it. Synergy is compatible with Windows XP as well as Vista and Windows 7 (32/64-bit), the connected computer can be equipped with different operating systems.

Description of the version: Synergy

Synergy is currently beta of version 1.4.2, which brings some new features. An improved graphic interface allows you to configure of the system connections in intuitive way – this is dragged and dropped a desktop icon via drag-and-drop method to the desired location. The configuration menu in which the further details for the use of synergy are set, has been revised and expanded. The current version can be recommended to all users of the program.

Following new features are included in the beta version 1.4.2 of synergy

• New graphical interface for easy operation
• Intuitive arrangement of different systems through drag-and-drop
• Revised configuration menu for better handling
• Further improvements and bug fixes

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