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swr3 smoke-free is a free program that helps you to quit smoking permanently.



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SWR3 Rauchfrei

swr3 smoke-free is a motivation tool for all those who want to quit smoking. Who wants to spend money for expensive products such as paving or even hypnosis, is with the software. a great, free alternative to conventional methods that support the smoking cessation is swr3 smoke-free. You can run the program directly from the Windows startup. Will you how many days you are already smoke-free, how much time have you gained as a result and how much money you've saved appear in a small window. In addition, you can see how much tar and nicotine you did not take. You can add the program but also in the taskbar. Then you can see when you hover the mouse over swr3 smoke-free icon, your smoke-free successes in a small window at a glance.

The Moose, the mascot of the radio station swr3, is the logo of the software swr3 smoking and beckons you for each full minute and each not smoked cigarette. In addition, you get great rewards. There are virtual Moose medals in gold, silver and bronze in various categories. After 730 smoke-free days, you will receive, for example, double gold. So, can you motivate you in a funny way and have a new target with the swr3-smoke free again and again in your smoke-free time. Clicking on the button "Internet" in the program window of the swr3 smoke-free, you can online with other like-minded companions in contact occur to additionally motivate you and make contacts. The online platform be discussed also issues such as weight gain after quitting in the community. You also have the option of using a keystroke in the swr3-smoke-free your personal smoking statistics in all applications of the text to insert. You can for example as a signature in an email or forum posts insert and inform your smoke-free successes to your friends.

Swr3 smoke-free free download software. Click on the download button and download the swr3-smoke-free launches.

More features of the swr3-smoke-free:

• Motivate you to quit smoking and remain smoke-free permanently
• Clear statistics about your successes
• Funny Moose medals will reward you
• Insert your personal statistics in emails and Forum signatures
• Insert swr3 smoke-free as an icon in your Windows taskbar
• Make contacts with like-minded people in the online community

More information to the swr3-smoke-free

Swr3 smoke-free was developed by the radio station swr3 and provided free of charge. It runs on all Windosw operating systems from Windows 98 and is very easy and intuitive to use.

Description of the version: SWR3 Rauchfrei

If you need a virtual motivation help to stop smoking, the new version of SWR3 smokefree for you comes just in time. The software counts each not smoked cigarette after entering some individual facts and shows you what levels of nicotine and tar you saves your body. Also the financial saving is displayed, and you will be rewarded according to progress with your smoke-free time.

The new SWR3 smoke at a glance:

• Display of inhaled pollutants per cigarette smoked
• Display of the saved pollutants
• Display of the saved cents and euros
• Smoke-free time as a reward

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