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Who would like to remodel his home, makes it look with the sweet home 3D software much easier.



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Sweet Home 3D

With sweet home 3D to remodel the apartment.

The software sweet home 3D is installed quickly and easily with a few clicks and works equally with the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This is completely free and can be used by anyone at any time. All rooms in the living area can be very easy set up with the program and schedule. Using the function "file - new" in the sweet home 3D software, you can start a new planning project, which can be named individually. Folder with all rooms are listed in the left pane of the application. These include all possible furniture and objects in different sizes and styles, you might need for your planning. You can the rooms need to be scheduled to then cut after its original dimensions of your rooms, so you the optimal distribution in the sweet home 3D software manages.

With the sweet you can make to your rooms very realistic home 3D in which you with planning a doors and Windows. For this you choose simply left the appropriate object (for example a double) in the "Doors and Windows" folder and drag it into the space to the right place. The same software also with garage doors, doors and pass through many other objects home 3D with the sweet - a perfect replica of your living space is created.

All the furniture that could make your room beautiful, you find in the sweet home 3D software templates for easy insertion. If you want to, you can upload your own image files in the sweet home 3D software and use it as a background in your planned rooms. All living objects you're using in your Planungssheet, you can in the sweet home 3D software suit by changing the dimensions of reality.

The features of sweet home 3D software at a glance:

• Figure faithful measurements of your rooms
• Ability to schedule unlimited number of rooms
• Windows and doors can be included
• All possible pieces of furniture are available as template available
• Projects can be saved at any time and later edited
• Your own image files can be included

Background and idea of sweet home 3D software

The developers of the software sweet home 3D tried to give their users a free, flexible and creative opportunity at hand, rooms individually to plan whole houses and set up. The basic idea of sweet home 3D software is a solution that adapts to the needs of the user and offers unlimited possibilities of for design. Absolutely no limits are set with this program of creativity.

Description of the version: Sweet Home 3D

Some bugs were fixed in the version.

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