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The program sweet dreams will help you with your favorite music into the realm of dreams to glide.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013

Sweet Dreams

The small program sweet dreams brings you sweet dreams. Gently, your favorite music in the bedroom weighs you and you need nothing to worry about, that your computer is on all night. A timer will be switched off after a certain amount of time, you pretend.

Sweet dreams is the title of many lyrics by various artists. Sure you know some of them and maybe even your favorite song is. With the program, you have an easy way to slide if you're in the bed gently in the realm of dreams now. With this little tool, you can adjust the volume of your computer so that the music is always quiet, until it completely stops. At least then you sleep soundly and are fit for the pending tasks in the morning.

The sweet dreams program gives you a timer on your computer, you can set variable according to your needs. To do this, you must first download sweet dreams on your computer. A major advantage for you is that the program should not be installed, but is immediately ready for use. After the launch of sweet dreams, you need only the appropriate adjustments. This is simple and will give you no problems. You simply set the start time and the end level of volume adjustment. 3 Scales available for this stand in sweet dreams. On the first scale, you move the slider to the appropriate length of time. It is located in a range from 5 to 120 minutes. On the next scale, you simply set the length of time the volume adjustment. It is located in a range from 0 to 120 minutes. You adjust the volume on the last scale. Also sweet dreams offers you also the possibility, turn off your computer after the time has elapsed, to shut down or enter stand-by mode. Your selection is done here by clicking in the appropriate box. Now you can click sweet dreams start-up of the software only on the button and the program will start. Should you need help or explanations for the settings, then click on the question mark.

Description of the version: Sweet Dreams

The small program developed by Sven Balder. You can adjust the timer, how long you want to run your favorite music. Also, you can choose whether the computer is shut down, off after the period or in stand-by mode. You don't have to worry about unnecessary energy consumption so it can effectively save energy. In this version, you can preset the volume and customize to your needs. The freeware not have to be installed, but is immediately ready for use.

System requirements and general information

• Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7
• Freeware
• No installation required
• File size 388 KB
• Processor Pentium, RAM 32 MB
• Gentle sleep aid with timer and volume adjustment

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