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In Sven, you need to copulate two XS version 1.02 as Sven, so many sheep as possible.



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Two XS version 1.02, Sven is an iconic brand that will inspire you, too. Sven is a black sheep that only remember to have fun. The shepherd in Sven will of course prevent this and pays attention to all his white sheep on the farm. Help Sven to copulate as many sheep as possible and get countless extras. But eight give, because Lars, the Shepherd, his dog and his niece has help. Sven was two XS version 1.02 penned the developer's, which inspired thousands of players already with grouse. Let yourself by Sven zwø kidnap XS version 1.02 in the world of sheep and the tracking record.

Sven zwø XS version 1.02 will distribute boring hours you and promises a lot of fun. Not even why completely different spend the breaks at work? Hilf Sven, his tasks. Make sure not to get caught. Put the white sheep on the lush pastures of the farmer Lars Sven after two XS version 1.02. You have to look but also at the junkyard, the farm, in the corn field or in the forest. Your goal is it, to copulate as many sheep as possible. But beware, Lars Bauer is not alone. Hyping it to reach your goal. If you are cleverly enough, you get a reward.

It is the second version of the game already. Sven will inspire all players this time two XS version 1.02. The clear-cut game allows you a quick and easy entry. You will find two XS version 1.02 in Sven lots of extras that should give you the incentive. The game also boasts the successful graphics. In the free version of Sven, you can play two XS version 1.02 for you up in the 25th level. New tasks and challenges are waiting for you. You want more, then you have to you the paid XL version of Sven zwø download XS version 1.02.

Sven zwø XS version 1.02 at a glance:

Sven zwø XS version 1.02 is a cult
• free game fun
• manageable game guide
Graphic compelling •
• many successful gimmicks and extras
• entertaining hours for at home and in the workplace

System requirements for Sven zwø XS version 1.02

You need for the game Sven zwø XS version 1.02 the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, me, 2000, NT, XP, or 2003 and your computer should have a processor with at least 450 MHz. RAM with 128 MB and a 80 MB free disk space. You will also need more DirectX 9.0 and a video card with at least 8 MB.

Description of the version: Sven

Cult sheep Sven goes to the second round! There are now even more sheep which you have to copulate with the famous black sheep. Scrap yard, farm, forest and field of corn are added as additional locations. But farmer Lars nod a got help with his dog Wotan, and his niece Bromse he makes friends and Sven life hard. The version of XS 1.02 is available for free download.

What's new in Sven zwo XS-version 1.2

• Still more sheep to the blobs
• New locations: forest, farm and cornfield junkyard
• Tracking by dog Wotan and Einnickens, a niece Bromse

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