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Carmelo offers a wide selection of national and international channels for your browser.



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The range of the transmitter is already huge and growing. You can access an overview about the index at Carmelo and you get a country then by continent. You can keep viewing the Web radio stations by country or continent, as well as the DSL radios by genre. DSL radio stations are radio stations that normally send over the airwaves and in addition to make your program on the Internet. Web radios are transmitters that send only on the Internet. Of course, you can receive both types of channels with Carmelo. For all the channels, you can let show you then the channels by genre and that are also such exotic things as police / air radio. The program provides mainly aviation radio from the United States, but if you want, can you listen once in Holland. The country selection for Web-TV is then available as last index information. So if you have pleasure on television from Angola, Russia, or the Virgin Islands, then you should download here the program with us by clicking on the download.

After the first selection for Carmelo, for example for a country or a genre, a list of available stations is displayed. In addition to the name of the sender, Carmelo gives you also the information of what kind is played by music, whether it is a live - or a Web radio and which player is required to listen to the program. As a player, Carmelo requires either Windows Media Player or real player. For both players, downloads offered you this, should you have not installed yet.

Should you be by the way not sure, whether your system meets all the requirements for receiving with Carmelo, you can just start a short test program. This checks your settings with a small Java script and that you then okay. Now you need to choose only your transmitter and already you can listen to your favorite stations with Carmelo or watch TV with your browser.

Features of Carmelo

• Live radio and Web TV
• Broadcasters from around the world available
• Choice of channels across countries
• Overview index page
• requires browser and installed Player
• Links for plugins available

About Carmelo was born in 1998 and offers the service of Carmelo for those who like to listen to music over the Internet. The name Carmelo is registered as a trademark and formed "Surf music". The channel list is taken steadily and expanded as well as new offerings. For this reason also TV station were included in the offer.

Description of the version: SurfMusik

Do you like to hear radio and want to watch TV over the Web? Then, Carmelo is the right tool for you. Get the freeware access on more than 8,000 online radio stations, more than 1,000 Web-TV providers and more than 2,000 videos. With the current version, the online update has been improved so that the process now instead of several minutes takes only a few seconds.

Functions of Carmelo in the current version 3.1

• Access to online radio and TV transmitter
• more than 8,000 radio programs in direct access
• integrated player for playback
• Update function takes only a few seconds

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