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Supreme auction is a Wizard for the creation and design of eBay auctions.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Supreme Auction

The Supreme auction program helps you create your eBay auctions. So you can embed multiple images, select the background design and enter the desired start time for your auction.

In eBay auctions, a particularly crucial selling point is often the design. Supreme auction program, you can now make your auctions the great eye-catcher. Supreme auction has more than 200 designs to choose from. The installation of animated images, embedding videos and slideshows is now easily possible. Customize the background of your auctions to your products. So you can define, for example, kids stuff with cheerful motifs. Supreme auction start scheduling you also offers next to these options. This feature is chargeable on eBay. As well as the integration of additional pages of images. For each image, you pay a fee on eBay, with Supreme auction you can incorporate up to a total of 80 images, however, in your auctions. So you can accurately represent every detail of your goods and your customer can make a picture. Generally, the use of this program is free of charge. Only the premium can be used only for a fee. Here the program notes but still explicitly on it. The user interface is easy to understand and clearly laid out. Right at the beginning, you enter your auction data. These include the article name, the start time, the duration of the auction and the starting price. Also you can here also choose if you want to offer your articles to the buyout. The next step is the item description. Then you put the pictures and selecting the desired background.

The Supreme auction program has a file size of 1.2 MB and suited me, XP, Vista, and 7 for the Windows operating systems 98, 2000. The program language is German.

Description of the version: Supreme Auction

In the current version of the tool Supreme auction, there is a completely redesigned user interface. The overall greater interface enables an easier processing and faster creation of auctions. A special highlight of this version is the integrated Supreme Manager. He provides a better overview of all current, created and completed auctions and automate a large part of the settlement. A spontaneous change of start time, for example, is so in addition makes it easy.

New features of the current version of Supreme auction

• Large user interface
• Installation of the Supreme Manager for managing light
• Integration of up to 80 images
The start time • free plan
• Over 200 designs to choose from

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