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SuperWorms 1.62 is a nice pastime for between meals and helps to turn off.



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The control of SuperWorms 1.62 runs for up to 2 players via the keyboard or joystick, a control with the mouse is not available. To make you familiar with the game and the control, there is a training mode with SuperWorms 1.62, but having to manage the game well is completed without it. There are 2 levels of difficulty to choose from as well as a total of 5 different game modes available, which however only be unlocked after a paid registration of SuperWorms 1.62.

Some innovative features in the free version of the shareware of SuperWorms 1.62 are included already, which later have prevailed in other racing games. So, the screen in the single player mode of SuperWorms 1.62 is divided in two, so that you the route and the position of your opponents get you at the top even with your raging worm, and in the lower part. Control via the keyboard is incredibly easy. You control your worm with the arrow keys, and you with the "Insert" key can activate the collected items such as bombs, trampolines, and various others.

Then some yellow trampolines as Turbo fields, which you correctly get speed on it, if you touch them with your worm is located on the route. And you really gotta watch that also on the simple level of SuperWorms 1.62 the opponents are not willing victims and accordingly hard to beat. A collision with a different worm sets your speed to zero and you lose immediately a few places. Now you have located at SuperWorms 1.62 still in the lead, and already you last. And the computer is not fair and not omit the Turbo fields for the other worms. So right, you have to fight to get at SuperWorms 1.62 first at the finish. The game is fun in any case in the free shareware version correctly. But even just try it, and SuperWorms 1.62 on the download function here on our site download.

SuperWorms 1.62 features:

• Racing game
• Single - or multiplayer
• Different levels and courses
• Small fighting game as an alternative
• Shareware, registration required to play all levels
• For Windows or DOS

Background of SuperWorms 1.62

The game of SuperWorms 1.62 Wiering software from Nijmegen is a development of the Dutch software company. The company develops entertaining jump & run games for PC and offered it as freeware.

Description of the version: SuperWorms

Also in the new version of SuperWorms, small and large worms to the bet slip. You alone or for two new exciting race can take on many new tracks. In the two player mode you will be shown a 3D of the entire circuit in the lower section. Additional highlights are the Grand Prix mode for you alone, as well as the match race and the Battlematch for two players. Also, in the new version you will find new and different power-ups and Acceleration fields.

New features of the racing game of SuperWorms

• Split-screen mode (for two race)
• Single player mode: Grand Prix mode
• Two player mode: Match race and Battlematch
• New tracks with acceleration fields and power-ups

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