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In the fast-paced Kar separating game SuperTuxKart you can play you on many tracks.



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In the racing game SuperTuxKart for the PC you're exciting and thrilling Kart race with different funny characters. Your goal is of course to drive as possible be the first across the finish line.

In the new version of SuperTuxKart, you will find numerous new routes items and different karts. You are also different game modes, such as time, single and Grand Prix racing at the disposal and the multiplayer support also ensures plenty of variety. It portrayed the multi player mode via split screen. The Linux penguin named Tux and his friends offer you a fast-paced and exciting kart racing. Above all your skill and speed is needed here. It comfortably controlled via your keyboard or another controller. So, you can try out the control, for example, in the time-trail a race. Here the aim is to drive the round in no time. This is a good practice mode to get a feel for the control.

As race fans, you can you fun with SuperTuxKart on 15 different tracks and try out. In the game, as well as the characters also is the classic Mario Kart like. Run now over the tracks and put up your own records. To get first across the finish line, are means, such as, for example, weapons at your disposal. The brake out of your opponents is allowed. Also can you your kart in addition with collected power ups expedite. Keep always your enemy in the eye, because they, you can attack. The racing game will be accompanied by great sound effects and music. As SuperTuxKart promises just as much fun, as also the classic on the Nintendo for the PC. The system requirements for your PC should be Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The older versions of SuperTuxKart own also for the operating system Mac OS X and Linux.

Description of the version: SuperTuxKart

A total of 15 new routes are in the new version of SuperTuxKart available. Also you can access back on numerous new weapons to fight enemies on the map tracks. Power ups give you more speed and the new items bring plenty of variety in the racing game. But also new game modes, such as for example the time-trail a race promise fun game. It wont controlled from your PC keyboard, or its own controller.

Overview of the functions of the new version of SuperTuxKart

• 15 new tracks
• New weapons, power-ups and items
• New sound effects and music
• Various Spielermodis
• Multi player mode via split screen
• New characters and karts

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