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SuperTux is a PC game in the style of Super Mario with a Penguin in the lead role.



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  • Updated: 19.11.2013


SuperTux is based on the Super Mario game, it is also a side-scroller game. However, the main character is a small Penguin, which must pave the way for the liberation of his best friend is.

If you like the classic Super Mario games, SuperTux is the right choice for you. The game is based on Super Mario, the hero is however not a plumber, but a cute Penguin. In the game SuperTux, he must survive many adventures and demonstrate courage and cleverness.

SuperTux is like the role model of Super Mario as a side-scroller. This means that the Penguin to the right or vice versa can move only from the left. The story of the game is as follows: the best friend of the Penguin is held captive by a villain. The Penguin hero is on the way, to save them, the villain has however sent Knight to stop the Penguin. With targeted jumps, the Penguin can do kill many helpers of evil, some are very sneaky and can defend themselves or protect. The Penguin should then go to you or carry with his special attacks in the hereafter - until he found his girlfriend at the end of the 26 level and free.

You can download the game SuperTux, the installation on your PC is simple and is carried out by an installation wizard. It is compatible with the Windows operating systems 98 Me XP, 2000, and. The software is not only through a varied and interesting story, but also by the elaborate design. The design is versatile and holds many surprises and effects for you in each level. Nevertheless, the menu is simple and clear, so you you can plunge right in the first adventure as a Penguin.

Description of the version: SuperTux

The latest version of SuperTux features games fun side scrolling design. The program is based on the classic Super Mario, but excels in many technical features and a cute story: A small Penguin wants to free his best friend from the clutches of a villain and must give this many opponents out of the way. The software with the operating systems Windows 98, me, 2000 is compatible and you can download the game SuperTux in new version XP, free of charge on your computer.

The key to the game SuperTux:

• Download fast and easy
• Numerous functions and powers of the hero - a cute Penguin
• Design as a side-scrolling game in the style of Super Mario

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