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Super Mario war to a total of four players compete with an own Mario.



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Super Mario War

Super Mario war is a classic among the platform n'run game. The popular plumber has taken up so some challenge, but never he moved against him even in the field. This will be different.

A total of four players can in Super Mario war against one another compete. A multiplayer game is just not possible, so the computer assumes the role of the opponent. Super Mario war you will not encounter exceptionally old acquaintances. You yourself are your opponent, because dragging against other Marios in the fight. The game offers over 250 different levels in which you can show what makes your Super Mario. Collect coins, jump across chasms and escape from the mushrooms. If the levels and game modes do not meet your needs, you can create your own games with the associated level editor. There are no limits to your imagination. What combination of games you whatever is missing, you can design it.

The special thing about the game is that all opponents have the same powers. Important is what you make it. You can control your Mario so that he is able to make the fastest progress and steadily increase your advantage over your opponents. Meet your Mario, using tricks and gimmicks that are known to you maybe even from other Super Mario games. The more you sit apart with your Mario, your chances of winning are greater.

The game has a file size of 9.6 megabytes and requires the operating system Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows XP as a prerequisite. The language of the download version is English, however all features are self-explanatory and easy to understand. Download Super Mario war you get a platforming n'run game of class, which has been so not there yet.

Description of the version: Super Mario War

In the current version of Super Mario the Princess was once not a matter, in the fight against old enemies save. On the contrary! Your opponent is in this game Mario himself. This is a big change compared to earlier versions. You compete against other of Marios and need to defeat them. Your opponents are controlled either by your buddies or the PC. The game is based on an open source software, more than 1,000 different worlds can be downloaded.

Super Mario war version 1.7 - What's new in the current version

• more than 1,000 maps available
• for up to four players
• Open source software
• Multi player mode available
• more than 200 levels to choose from
• Jump'n ' run game

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