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Super Mario Bros. X combines the features of the known games around Mario and his friends.



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Super Mario Bros. X

The platform n'run game Super Mario Bros. X combines the features of the famous Mario games and provides an integrated editor room, to give free rein to your creativity and design their own worlds.

Super Mario Bros. X combines everything Mario fans want. The game is a combination of the different games, where plumbers fight fungi and turtles. The peculiarity of Super Mario Bros. X is that you can make the level according to your taste with a built-in Editor. So combine the worlds, as you like it, recessed chasms, distribute items or download from the Web site free of charge to new worlds and build Super Mario Bros. X out. The combination of the Mario games makes this download to a particularly fun platforming n'run game for the PC.

Lenk Mario through caves and tunnels, let his friends help friends, collect all items that hide behind the question mark, and make sure to plunge into a chasm. The stars and coins bring extra points and give you the opportunity to gain some life. You control Mario using the arrow keys on your PC, the cracks caused by the space bar and you use your items with the letter keys. Cult are the games around the plumber Mario. For decades, they inspire children and adults. The varied worlds require concentration and quickness of the player and Super Mario Bros. You can find the best of all Mario games in combination x. An unbeatable combination for all platforming n'run fans.

The language when you download Super Mario Bros. English is x, the functions are self-explanatory. File size is 37.5 MByte, requires the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system.

Description of the version: Super Mario Bros. X

In the current version of Super Mario Bros. X the game makers have introduced some innovations. Panels can take all five selectable characters. Also the well-known ice by Mario is in the version 1.3 now used. The friends of the plumber got new items. Peach, for example, all Princess, heart-shaped bombs now throws, to their opponents to repel and toad is a boomerang. The intro at the start of the game was also revised and new episodes are also available.

The new Super Mario Bros. X 1.3

• Upgrade of the characters of peach and Toad
• New intro
• Additional episodes
• Installation of the ice
• Development of costumes for the characters
• Revision of the background music

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