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The Super-Mario-Bros screensaver promises you functionality and entertainment in one.



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Super Mario Bros Bildschirmschoner

The Super-Mario-Bros screen saver is available for free online for you and you can easily download immediately him with a click on the download button. Only the accept the license agreement to use the Super-Mario-Bros screen saver, and select the settings for the screensaver. The screensaver you can as a default screen saver setting and creating also an entry in the start menu and a shortcut on the desktop. Also you can call up the display settings directly into the port. Did you set all settings for the Super-Mario-Bros screen saver, installation can begin as soon as possible.

After you have installed the Super-Mario-Bros screen saver, open the display properties and immediately offers you the overall picture of the Super Mario Bros. Community with well-known figures such as Bowser, Luigi and Yoshi to looking at the preview. Here awaits you a leap into the past. Level 1-1 of the game for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in full length will be displayed. As a fan of Super Mario Bros screensaver provides you nostalgic moments, that again guide you back to past times of the child's free pastime. The Super-Mario-Bros screensaver shows you how dangerous goombas are destroyed, green mushrooms bring important life points your hero and finally also the great leap on the checkered flag perfect success.

The Super-Mario-Bros screensaver fulfils all functions of a classic screen saver. So it protects your private data, if you are absent longer time so that they cannot be seen up by others, if you are using the Super-Mario-Bros screensaver. As he promises amusing entertainment you, without roll their eyes with illusionistic movement friends. You will receive information to the Super-Mario-Bros screen saver and the manufacturer settings in display properties under the item. In addition, you can set here also the new password for reactivation of the desktop so that your personal information not can be viewed by other people, even after the Super-Mario-Bros screensaver ended.

The Super-Mario-Bros screensaver offers you:

• Exciting animation instead of boring surface.
• Nostalgic remembering of past activities.
• Optimal protection of private data.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Free download option.
• Functionality and entertainment in one.

The game to the Super-Mario-Bros screensaver

The platform n'run video game of Super Mario Bros. was released in Europe in 1987 and has since become one of the best-selling video games of all time. The game by Shigeru Miyamoto, head manager of the game console manufacturer Nintendo was designed.

Description of the version: Super Mario Bros Bildschirmschoner

Free screensaver Super Mario brother will bring the iconic figure of the popular console game from the 90s back on your screen. Enabled screen saver goes through the first level of his playing Super Mario and gets into it with nasty turtles and evil mushrooms. You can watch how he shattered boulders and collect important bonus items. In addition, the typical graphic design of the game console gives a nostalgic impression, which is supposed to put you back in the good old days.

Super Mario Bros screensaver features

• Free for Win 98/2000/XP available
• File size 9.1 MB
• Provides high stability
• Create a nostalgic appearance
• Allows for ease of use and installation

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