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Super Flash Mario Bros. -the Nintendo cult game with the famous plumber for the computer.



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Super Flash Mario Bros.

With the platform n'run game Super Flash Mario Bros. comes the iconic plumber on your PC. In countless levels with colorful background colors and opposing mushrooms you battle through Mario's world with the aim to collect more and more coins.

With the download of Super Mario Flash Bros. are you the iconic platform n'run game from Nintendo finally play on the computer. You fight through from level to level, collect coins and spins new items. You can choose between the characters of Luigi and Mario. They are controlled with the arrow keys, jump over obstacles with the space key. Make sure that you don't touch the mushrooms. The first time you schrumpfst only, but the second touch will cost you a life. You can destroy them but by a deliberate leap. Behind the blocks, which partially serve as bridges, hide coins. Spring, however, while collecting all the coins. The blocks with the question marks include special items. You can shoot with the ice, the Red fungus grows back to normal size you and you will find also additional lives here sometimes.

Super Flash Mario Bros. provides hours of fun, because the hunting of the plumber on coins and surrounded by many colourful levels will never get bored. Again and again you'll discover Super Flash Mario Bros. Secret hiding places that contain even more coins and paths that you still not found on the first pass. You can open the game, you need Adobe Flash Player. The download is a file size 2.4 MB and can be installed on all Windows operating systems. The language of the game is English, which but not prejudicial effect, because the functions are completely self-explanatory. Super Flash Mario Bros. You get one of the most famous classic you on your PC, which is until today cult.

Description of the version: Super Flash Mario Bros.

With the basic version of Super Flash Mario Bros. get the platform n'run game from Nintendo on the PC. A special highlight is the simple control using the arrow keys and the reunion with old acquaintances, such as the destructive fungi. The bright colors spread cheerfulness in this version and to find all hideouts of coins and items, you need to focus precisely. So you could get extra lives in the game, you have to see to secret hiding places. Many levels with varied dangers waiting for you.

The cult game by Nintendo for the computer

• Simple control via the keyboard
• Varied levels with increasing difficulty levels
• Installation of known items from the Super Mario games
• Small memory size of the game

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