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Unwanted ads are annoying, but the Super ad blocker protects you.



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Super AD Blocker

Unwanted ads on Web pages are almost like viruses. New forms are designed to make advertising on your screen. Regardless of whether you want it or not, and who does not know the scenario: as it has finally found the Web page with the requested information, and already flies a promotional window from the left or right of the screen. Super ad blocker eliminates it. The program recognizes all kinds of ads and make sure you keep your screen free from unwanted advertising.

Super ad blocker is the first ad-blocker, which reliably protects you against all kinds of unwanted advertising. EGAD, whether fly-in or slide, Flash ads, Pop-Up or pop-under. Super ad blocker recognizes all of them and eliminate them from your PC. In addition the program protects you also from over 100,000 different constituents of viruses, Trojans, malware, adware, worms and dialers, even if they are already before the installation on your computer. Simply start the scan of Super ad blocker and remove let all troublemakers. About the permanent automatic update do you have the security, that Super ad blocker always up to date, is also what new forms of advertising.

Super ad blocker is available for different browsers and Messenger programs, so that you will no longer disturbed by advertising in the chat. The same applies to your email program. Should you once looked at an advertisement you want, so you can do of course also this ad blocker with super. Just as you can show you various statistics and see how many advertisements have been blocked and what servers they came. As a small gimmick, you can play a sound for each blocked adverts and always know when the Super ad blocker again successfully prevented a floater.

Features of Super ad blocker:

• Bockiert all forms of unwanted advertising
• Blocked and removed in addition to spyware, malware, Trojans and viruses
• For different browser and Messenger available
• No interruption in chat or email
• Automatic updates
• 15 Days trial version

Background information on Super ad blocker:

Super ad blocker is a product of It was founded by Nick Skrepetos and is committed to the task, to develop measures against unwanted advertisements on the Internet. It is the goal of Super ad blocker, to respond quickly to new forms of advertising.

Description of the version: Super AD Blocker

With the latest version of Super AD Blocker you can better protect yourself and your browser from pop-ups and other forms of unwanted advertising. The version 4.6.1000 now supports Windows Vista and fixed issues with Internet Explorer 7. The guidelines to block AD popup, were brought up to date. The Spywaredatenbank is for better detection to date.

The Super AD Blocker in version 4.6.1000

• additional support for Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 support
• SUPERAntiSpyware Personal Edition update
• Update the AD blocking technology
• Update of the policy for blocking ads

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