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SunRav TestOfficePro helps you to design your own multiple choice tests and to manage them.



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SunRav TestOfficePro

SunRav TestOfficePro is a program with which you can make your own tests. You're designing the test questions with this program directly on your computer. SunRav TestOfficePro is divided in three different modules and this subdivision gives you a better overview and easier test management. You can design different tests in the education or training area, even with this software. The numerous options that SunRav TestOfficePro holds for you, allow you to vote the tests exactly on the area for which you want to use.

The Textmaker SunRav TestOfficePro integrated offers different design options for your test sheets. You can choose between five different question types and also you can include graphics, audio files, and charts in the test sheet with this application. If you value it, SunRav TestOfficePro can save encrypted your test sheets or export the data in the formats XML, Word, Excel, CVS or HTML. The second module in SunRav TestOfficePro is called tTester. With this function you can manage existing tests and also serves as a query interface for your test candidates for the individual tasks tTester. With tAdmin SunRav TestOfficePro gives you the ability to set a user management. So you keep getting a good overview of the number of your test candidates and their already-completed tasks. All tests in SunRav TestOfficePro rely on the multiple choice practices and offers a very professional users and test management, which you always keep extensive stocks at a glance.

SunRav TestOfficePro is available as shareware for free download here. If you now want to try out the program, you just click on the download button. A wizard helps you step by step during the installation process, so you will need to follow just the instructions on your screen. You can use the free trial version of SunRav TestOfficePro without time limitation. However, the shareware allows only 15 questions per test sheet and you can have up to ten different users.

The functions of SunRav TestOfficePro

• Two types of test
• Five different question types
• Multiple-choice method
• Integration of graphics and diagrams
• Test management
• User management

System requirements and download

SunRav TestOfficePro is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The download size of the test file is 7.4 megabytes and requires so little hard disk space and is done in a few minutes.

Description of the version: SunRav TestOfficePro

SunRav TestOfficePro is a software with which you can realize any kind of tests. In the current version of the program, you can both create even easier setup than knowledge tests and use the advanced analysis capabilities. The software can be used both for the personnel selection and certifications. Statistical evaluation in the academic area can be used by you, and also under Windows 7 as operating system.

Features of the current version 5.6.2 of SunRav TestOfficePro

• Support for Windows 7
• Advanced and detailed Analysemöglicheiten
• create tests for various purposes
• statistical evaluations
• can be used for certification
• Recruitment and knowledge testing possible

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