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Sunbird Portable is the mobile calendar for Mozilla Sunbird and mobilizes your dates.



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Sunbird Portable

Whatever you want your calendar from your PC or laptop ever, then you should look for Sunbird Portable from Mozilla. This mobile calendar can be installed on a USB stick and then accessed from this. No matter what computer you're sitting - USB plug and dates coordinate with Sunbird Portable.

The download of just over 5 MB large program, you can start again from our side, runs accordingly fast. For the installation you can select the drive and directory, and this drive can be any mobile storage such as a USB drive or a Flash memory card. Space No 18 MB is needed this for Sunbird Portable, and you should be free always and everywhere. Open Sunbird Portable then double-clicking on the executable .exe file in the installation directory. It opens a normal Sunbird calendar application then, as you already know it maybe from your installation on the PC. If you have already installed Sunbird and your profile with all the settings to use for Sunbird Portable, so you can simply copy the profile data from the PC to the portable media. Other settings are not necessary, so you can immediately work with Sunbird Portable.

Sunbird Portable provides you with all the features you can expect from a good Kalenderapplikation. Buttons, you can switch between day, week, multiple weeks and monthly views. Also using the buttons you can set directly new appointments and tasks, and button "Search events" you can list your dates according to various criteria. The installation of Add-ons you can create a second profile portable Sunbird and thus a calendar tool to manage appointments and tasks for two persons. And it works even for more profiles, because these are simply installed in separate directories and thus of the Sunbird Portable separated main profile.

Features of Sunbird Portable:

• Mobile calendar
• Part of the portable series of Mozilla
• Works with removable media such as USB stick
• Transmission of profiles possible
• Freeware under GNU GBL
• Requires Win98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista

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Sunbird Portable is a development of the They developed mobile applications based on existing applications. This also the browser and email client from Mozilla, as well as a variety of other applications for different areas of application are in addition to the calendar.

Description of the version: Sunbird Portable

The new version 0.9 of Sunbird Portable offers some improvements of the original program. With Sunbird Portable, you can comfortably and calendar on your mobile storage media anywhere safely the Mozilla Sunbird. The revised version of the program is more stable and has been optimized in the performance. So errors and bugs of the previous versions have been fixed Sunbird Portable to work properly and without crashing for you.

The most important innovations of the Sunbird Portable in version 0.9:

• Have been largely fixed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Program structure has been optimized
• running faster and more secure than the original version

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