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Mozilla Sunbird is an online organizer with alarm function for scheduling and time management.



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Optimized time management using meaningful organizational structures is waiting for you at an application of Mozilla Sunbird. On the clearly arranged user interface can be keep and manage all appointments at a glance.

The Mozilla Sunbird application provides you with all organizational and calendaring needs an organizer. So he on a clearly arranged user interface entry ways, weekday and month schedule, timetables and many more gimmicks that allow you an optimized time management offers. As part of the Mozilla Suite and the Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird is a standalone PIM software (= personal information manager PIM). As well as the specific email program "Thunderbird" is designed as a stand alone program for Sunbird and runs independently of other Mozilla components on many current operating systems. You so do not necessarily need "Firefox" browser to organize your time management by using of Sunbird.

Your scheduling can be more effective and less time consuming fashion with the Sunbird. The clear representations of the program are convenient and allow you an intuitive operation. Between the different view options (weekly schedule line, day mode or month view) dates can easily plan and organize tasks. Using an alarm function which reminds you of important events "Sunbird" and supported you at the scheduled manage your time.

The program takes 6.4 MByte memory and is available for free download. The current version of Sunbird was made accessible to users as freeware on March 30, 2010 in the wake of the recent release of the Mozilla project. The long-term transition to the "Thunderbird" mail client and the related add-on "lightning" is recommended by Mozilla.

Description of the version: Sunbird

Version 1.0 Beta 1 of the Sunbirds of the Mozilla Foundation is the latest (and probably final) version of the online organizer. As a stand-alone program, the Sunbird offers various management options for appointments and tasks. So you can optimize your personal time management. Although it is based on the Mozilla Calendar, the freeware version of the Sunbirds is an independent stand alone program. It runs on all current Windows and Linux operating systems as well as on Mac OS.

Effective scheduling with Mozilla Sunbird

• Clear representations and user friendly interface
• Intuitive functions
• Appropriate entry options
• Practical divisions in days, weeks, and months
• Alarm option as a reminder for important dates

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