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With its simplicity, Sumatra PDF Portable is a handy tool for on the go.



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Sumatra PDF Portable

Sumatra PDF portable allows you to view PDF files on the go. PDFs are no longer indispensable and to become the daily bread of every computer and Internet user, whether professionally or for leisure. Sumatra PDF portable offers you in a small space all the necessary functions to work easily and quickly. The Spartan, but clear surface helps you to quickly learn how to use the Sumatra PDF portable reader.

Portable PDFs can with Sumatra PDF zoom, switch to different views and easily print out. Just like you there are used by large applications. The zoom at the same time also serves as magnifying glass, with which you can zoom on the 6400fache. Sumatra PDF portable has various adjustable hot keys that make dealing with the program more efficiently. On the Internet side of Sumatra PDF, also several language packages available are portable with which you can change the language of the program, including German.

Sumatra PDF portable easily just copy on a mobile storage device like USB stick or MP3 player and then start without installation on all Windows systems. The latest version also supports Windows 7, and the program has undergone several improvements and bug fixes. Check out Sumatra PDF portable today and discover itself, how much use this handy little helpers can offer you. Just download the appropriate download button.

Sumatra PDF portable in the overview:

• Each time can be used without installation.
• Fits on any USB flash drive.
• Provides all of the essential functions that need a PDF reader.
• Open source and therefore completely free of charge.
• In various languages, including German.
• For all Windows systems, including Windows 7.

Sumatra PDF portable as a part of a large family of PDF

PDFs are now an everyday of every computer and Internet user. So it is not surprising that no matter whether commercial or free, constantly increasing on PDF applications. Sumatra PDF is an extremely portable. Small, slim and free anytime and anywhere can be used. But especially in the business world, it takes sometimes more extensive functions, to be able to work. In such cases, the applications of the big manufacturers come to the course. But, there is no competition question, but both Sumatra PDF portable as well as the large commercial PDF applications complement each other and offer each user the appropriate programme.

Description of the version: Sumatra PDF Portable

The new version can now better handle EPS files. Other changes include bug fixes.

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