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Is a cloud provider with 5Gbyte free memory.



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With the free cloud provider SugarSync, you can save data 5Gbyte.

As the name says SugarSync, it it the program to synchronize data. Before you can use the program, registration is required. Then can go too. Your data is automatically backed up and synchronized.

The elegant such cloud solutions like SugarSync is sure that you're no longer dependent on a computer. The data you can access easily from any computer.

SugarSync included are 5 gigabytes. If you need more, grabs 60 GB for $ 10 a month. Sure, the price is ok.

All data is stored according to the provider with a 128-bit AES encryption with SugarSync.

Here it is especially important to use a secure password.

With SugarSync, you can sync all your data with the Smartphone or tablet.

Description of the version: SugarSync

Supports all popular devices according to the manufacturer.

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