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The Stylechecker 1.0 validates your texts and helps mend stylistic weaknesses.



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Stylechecker 1.0

If you want to improve your writing style and check your texts on stylistic weaknesses and want to make a good decision is the Stylechecker 1.0. The software is completely free and has been programmed for the word processing with Word. You need at least Windows 95 as the operating system, so that the Stylechecker can properly work 1.0. If you have installed the software, the work is very simple. You must first open the corresponding Word document and can then open the Stylechecker 1.0 via a small icon, which is displayed in the toolbar. The software then tagged the stylistic errors or inconsistencies directly as a word comment in your text.

The Stylechecker 1.0 was developed in cooperation with renowned journalists and focuses heavily on the bestseller by Bastian Sick "The dative is the genitive its death" and the standard for journalists "German for professionals" by Wolf Schneider, who previously was the editor at the star. With this professional input a variety of stylistic weak points in your body can reveal the Stylechecker 1.0: all 426 style rules are checked by the freeware and evaluated.

With the Stylechecker 1.0, superfluous words, unnecessary Anglicisms and unsightly passive sentences have no chance. Also, noise words are identified and marked by the Stylechecker 1.0. The software detects also incorrectly used superlatives and unnecessary or inappropriate foreign words. Also the correct spelling for number words checked the Stylechecker 1.0. If you are consistently using the software, you will receive not only stylistically correct texts, but you will also automatically learn how you you better can express, and will make in the future of fewer errors.

Stylechecker 1.0 - the most important features at a glance:

• verified 426 style rules
• developed in cooperation with journalists
• Vulnerabilities are marked directly in the text
• How to improve as Word comments
• Freeware
• System requirements: min.. Windows 95

Stylechecker 1.0 - installation tips

The freeware Stylechecker 1.0 offers you lots of possibilities, but everyone can use them, you need to install the software correctly. And it's not quite that simple. So the Stylechecker 1.0 can work properly, you have to enter it on the Word menu as a global document template under "Extras/templates and add-ins". In addition, you must reduce the macro security under the menu item "Tools/Options" on low or medium. If you did it, you can start with the stylistics exam.

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