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StuffIt Expander 2010 is the optimal interface between Mac and PC archives for Windows.



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StuffIt Expander 2010 für Windows

StuffIt Expander 2010 for Windows is the unpacker rescue for all users, both on Mac and PC computers work and have to deal constantly with the complications of both archive standards.

StuffIt Expander 2010 is an archiver which acts as an interface for exchanging SIT - and HQX formats between Mac computers and PCs for Windows. Users who need both to do with Mac and PC computers, can sing a song of it, when it comes to the missing compatibility between the two systems for compressed archives and their formats. The ZIP format has prevailed on the PC systems long ago as standard and is also processed by the Apple systems without a murmur. In contrast, the existing standards on Mac - the SIT / HQX formats-Windows machines generate only question marks.

Thanks to the extractor StuffIt Expander 2010 for Windows read these formats finally for PCs and deliver users of both systems of their frustration. Thus, it can be opened now by Mac OS archived data with their home PC. The operation of StuffIt 2010 goes Expander for Windows easily and comfortably by hand. Thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily in the program window by StuffIt Expander 2010 change files, where they can be processed with some simple settings. The menu navigation is tidy, well thought out and is self explanatory. The unpacker is free and available in English. All current Windows systems are supported.

If you often have to do with Mac and PC applications, there is no way to StuffIt passes for you 2010 Expander for Windows. Of the program are all important archive formats such as ARJ, ARC, GZ, ZIP, RAR or LZH support.

Description of the version: StuffIt Expander 2010 für Windows

The latest version of StuffIt 2010 for Windows is Expander washed with all waters. The program dominated all current Windows as well as Mac standards in dealing with compression archives. ARJ, ARC, GZ, ZIP, RAR or LZH supported just like SIT and HQX. In addition, the enhanced drag-and-drop interface facilitates the handling of the intuitive program. Of course, the decompressor is still free and fully usable. It is available as English version for all current Windows operating systems.

The main features of the StuffIt Expander 2010 for Windows 14.0

• Supports the formats RJ, ARC, GZ, ZIP, RAR, LZH, SIT and HQX
• For all common Windows operating systems available
• Including improved drag-and-drop interface

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