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Streets of rage remake is an action game based on the same name game for SEGA.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

Streets of Rage Remake

Retro for the PC: come with the streets of rage remake well-known fighters on your PC. On the SEGA mega drive you could roam the streets of the city with Adam Hunter or blaze fielding.

A classic comes back with the streets of rage remake. You can get the developed originally for the SEGA series from the 90s with this download on your computer. The three original characters, Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and blaze Fielding, have been preserved. In addition, there is still a total of 16 more players you can choose.

The concept is simple and self-explanatory. If you choose one of the characters, and the goal in each level is to defeat all your opponents, which work with you. Your opponent defend themselves with a variety of weapons, come to motorcycles or in groups on you and challenge your combative skills. In the streets of rage, each character remake has other properties that you can exploit you in combat. In the selection appears in the menu by Star, what can your character. Criteria are the strength, technique, speed and bounce. More pronounced the more stars the skills. Among the selectable characters, women with an extraordinary fighting spirit are in this remake. There are over 100 different levels, from which you can choose, with an extra editor you remake in the streets of rage can design additional stages. You have the choice whether you want to play the game in single player mode or with a friend.

Prerequisite for the download of the streets of rage remake is the operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The program language is English, and the game has a file size of total 219 MB.

Description of the version: Streets of Rage Remake

Compared to its predecessors, the version 5.0 of the streets of rage remake offers some improvements. Especially in the field of graphics, the manufacturers have overtaken the game. Also, there are now additional weapons, which can be selected. The clashes with your enemies are faithfully adapted SEGA's original version. This also applies to the point system, which has also received an overhaul in this release. Also the sound of the game has been improved once again.

Features of the current version of streets of rage remake

• Improved graphics in the gameplay
• New weapons for the defense
• Revised sound
• Gameplay based on the original
• Additional characters with new strengths to the selection

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