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StreamWriter offers the recording of songs from various Internet radio stations.



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The freeware StreamWriter takes songs from Internet radio stations and saves them as MP3 file. Also simultaneous recording multiple streams of different radio stations is possible.

StreamWriter contains an integrated stream browser and player. With it, you can record songs from Internet radio stations in MP3 or AAC format and quickly and easily enlarge as your music collection. The installation starts a Setup Wizard, which will help you with some settings such as the language setting and the desired location of the files. The operation of the program is very simple. Have you started StreamWriter, you can see your radio streams in the left half of the tools, and the right half you can search based on various categories for new radio stations. You can filter your search by genre, quality or type. To enter streams in the tool, simply enter the URL of the stream in the input field of the tool. You can see loaded songs in a separate tab at the top of the page. You want a specific song that you can put it on a wish list, and when this song is played on the Web somewhere, StreamWriter downloads it. There is also an ignore function for unwanted songs. With the tagging feature, you get all the information about a title like album or artist directly from the Internet. StreamWriter also an easy to use crop tool is integrated with the, you can shorten the songs if for example some advertising. You can record multiple streams of different radio stations at the same time. Individually, all songs are stored on your hard drive.

StreamWriter is freeware and still pretty young on the market. The first version was released in 2010.

Description of the version: Streamwriter

The current version of StreamWriter offers many new features. You can make as many recordings of several Internet radio stations at the same time. StreamWriter cuts and saves the recordings automatically according to your specifications. You can automatically record songs using the wish list function or put unwanted songs on the ignore list. The stream browser and the search, filter, display and tagging functions have been revised and you facilitate the operation of the tools.

The current StreamWriter features in version 2.0

• Multiselection for downloads
• Inclusion of several radio-Stationenon
• Improved integrated stream browser
• Setting the minimum bit rate and format
• Automatic recording of songs from the wish list
• Automatic cutting possible

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