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The P2P streaming client StreamTorrent is a tool for Internet media.



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Many users say the Internet is good only for Flash games and downloads - this increasingly conventional media in the network, including even radio stations and TV channels from all over the world rush. The channels you can now central received with StreamTorrent.

In this country, almost no one wants to look sports broadcasts from the United States - except it runs just the Superbowl! Or the Bundesliga, which is to receive from us only on pay TV, but will be broadcast free of charge in private channels from the far East. If you want to get a huge satellite dish friends to receive the channels from other countries, then you can use the Internet still. Many foreign channels from all around the world now offer live streams, which are well in this country thanks to faster Internet connections and global network expansion. With StreamTorrent, you can centrally manage the channels, which are offered on the Internet as stream, and take advantage of the useful media tool, such as an intelligent program list.

StreamTorrent the transmitter you sorted by category such as, for example, culture, entertainment, sports, and cartoon. Continue to you the reception quality and the current number of viewers it displays in a list, which is an indication of the substantive quality of the transmitter. Just when the Internet television you should watch not only a high bit rate, are finally online stations under considerably less to produce than established television? StreamTorrent is a useful tool for all Internet users who watch less and less TV, but still looking for Internet transmissions of thrilling live events. Especially the use of the global services offers a real advantage over the conventional Streamsuche about search engines, which often leads to dubious and some pages with illegal software. So get the P2P streaming client StreamTorrent, if you want to easily watch Internet television!

Description of the version: StreamTorrent

The basic version of the popular P2P-streaming software StreamTorrent 1.0 build 77 offers you many advantages of compared to other streaming management tools. For example, the program sorted the transmitter categories such as cartoon, culture, entertainment and sports, with which you can quickly find the matching transmitter. In addition, it offers you a well designed user interface, the special easy to use. In addition to the name of the channel StreamTorrent indicates also the quality, bitrate, and the current number of viewers you using which you can judge the quality.

The main features of StreamTorrent version 1.0

• The client sorts the station by genre
• Display bit rate, quality, and number of viewers
• Very easy operation and sleek design of the P2P clients

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