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Strata photo 3D CX allows the creation of 3D images using a regular digital camera.



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Strata Foto 3D CX

This strata can handle photo 3D CX up to 256 frames to create a true-to-detail 3D model. You are doing so more pictures of the object, the 3D image is better afterwards. It is by the way, no matter what camera you are using, because Photo 3D can strata CX compensate all variables of different camera models and makes so sure that the result is always good. The only requirement is that all images used come from same camera and you switch the camera not in between. About with strata photo 3D CX available Photoshop plugin you can then continue to edit the 3D model and use for example as a template for the creation of appropriate packaging.

Strata photo 3D CX works during the recording with a so-called 3D-Kalibrierungs-Matte. These you can directly from the system print and then place under the object to be photographed. According to the markings on the mat, the software handling of then always knows where the camera was in the room in relation to the object. The makes the processing for strata photo 3D CX easier and faster. For objects that can not be photographed with the calibration mat strata prepares photo 3D CX a tagging feature the photo available, with which the important points can be marked.

After the creation of the 3D image, you can start with Strata 3D CX then further editing photo this and so adjust the surfaces and textures that it corresponds to a natural image of the object. All objects can then by exporting from strata photo 3D CX and subsequent import into other products of the Strata 3D CX suite are processed. The best yourself once you try the software and helping you to make your own opinion. You can do a trial download of strata photo 3D CX right here from our website. Just use the download function and get to create your first 3D images.

Features of the strata photo 3D CX

• 3D photo software
• creates 3D views from 2D images
• between 20 and 256 images per object possible
• Automatic adaptation to the digital camera
• high-quality 3D image processing
• for Windows XP/2000 or Power Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Background information on strata photo 3D CX

Strata photo 3D CX is part of the Strata 3D CX suite of the eponymous company from the American Santa Clara. The company focuses solely on the development and marketing of products relating to the professional 3D-Erstellung of images. The products are distributed worldwide and are often excellent.

Description of the version: Strata Foto 3D CX

The current version of strata photo 3D CX can wait with some impressive new features. This software supports you in the production of 3D models with surprisingly soft lines and very realistic appearing organic forms. The user interface has been revised and now much easier the model creation. Automated 3D-Space-Orientierung and the calibration for the calculation and alignment of model data could be optimized.

The most important innovations in the current version of strata photo 3D CX

• Automated 3D space orientation
• Integration with Adobe Photoshop for the creation of the model
• Interactive model adaptation
• Automatic support for cameras

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