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You and your survival exhibition with Robinson Crusoe and face stranded II!



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Stranded II

Stranded II is perfect for all Robinson Crusoe fans. Who has not ever imagined how it would be to be stranded on a desert island and to be alone and his skills? Stranded II you can use your survival test.

Stranded II is a free 3D-Aufbauspiel where you need to cope than stranded on a desert island. The game controls like a first-person shooter, and exploring the new world, as if it would take you really then. We need to use everything you can find on the island, to survive - crates, trees or plants. Even wild animals may be friends of use, they should not kill you. But how did the accident in the first place? Your yacht is lost during a severe storm off course, and as if this were not enough, a lightning strike has also torn the whole ship into pieces. You now find yourself in a lonely island and have to face wild animals and own hunger. Death is your constant companion and also more tempting seducer, which could save you some grief.

The status indicators that inform you about your virtual hunger, thirst, health and State of exhaustion are the most important element in the game. In addition, you should always check the inventory, perhaps you can use a long found, but classified as useless Fund later makes sense. Useful inventions such as the Slingshot or a fishing can occur in this way. The Taming of animals or the construction of buildings or vehicles guaranteed also in the longer term, that the game captivates you and motivates. Maybe you can reach even the goal of stranded II: the rescue of the island in living condition!

Stranded II supports the Windows systems Win 98, win 2000, win me and of course win XP. The installer requires about 13 megabytes of space.

Description of the version: Stranded II

The Gold version of stranded II has been thoroughly revised and many previously criticized errors and bugs have been removed. In addition, the whole balance of the game has been thoroughly revised, now, for example, wild animals such as lions and Raptors doing less damage. The main menu has been improved and various innovations have been made – as well such as lianas can be used as whips. Not to mention is also the newly added mode of immortality - the Robinson Crusoe would have certainly pleased!

The Gold version of stranded II offers you:

• An improved main menu
• Augewogenere opponents such as lions or raptors
• A new Unsterblickeitsmodus - not very realistic, but very entertaining
• Various bug fixes and improvements

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