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Stranded I offers an island scenario in 3D, in which your character have to ensure survival.



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Stranded I offers you a three-dimensional animated Island scenario as a setting. First, you need to get your figure food. But here you're standing before the first obstacle, since raw food is not particularly long saturates your figure. It AIDS must are concerned so that it will allow you to make a fire. It is similar with sleep. You can let your character while sleeping under the open sky, a self-made Hut offers but longer-lasting energy you desperately need to get ahead in stranded I. The first barriers to the direct parent life assurance are taken, cultivated fields and other buildings built. Did you ready to build a building, new building materials are offered you, that make possible the construction of more sophisticated buildings. So you can room finally also a raft to leave the island. Do you even want change from the free play mode, stranded I offers you various, smaller missions, which applies to fulfill it. You can save for example, Kiwi birds, fight against brutal birds of prey, or deny a raft race. A special gadget when stranded I is the map editor where you can create your own missions and Islands. The extra stranded I built-in program that lets your creativity free rein with regard to landscaping, the invention of new Heightmaps and prizes for successful missions. On the homepage of stranded I, you can upload very well done maps for other players or try out versions of others.

Stranded I is not difficult to understand, because it has an easy to use. So you can get started immediately. Special features, such as the change from day to night, real looking lighting effects and the fatigue of the character for realism and tactical planning you require. I addition to stranded a diverse range of animals and plants, which are on the big island and no boredom arise.

Did you get pleasure on this exciting Island adventures? You can download I right here stranded friends.

Great specials from stranded I:

• Flash 3D without long load times.
• Create your own missions with a map editor.
• Explore the island with its diverse flora and fauna
• Choose between free endless game mode or missions.
• Build a cabin and six more, different building.
• Enjoy realistic effects, such as the transition from day to night.

The emergence of stranded I

2003 was the computer game stranded I by the founder of unreal software, Peter Schauß, is published. In November, it was recommended a full success and German magazines in four.

Description of the version: Stranded

Also in the new version of stranded, you land again as a castaway on a desert island. Compared to the previous version, there is but to discover more and experience. Although you must also find food and building, you can build but also weapons, Hunt animals and build even vehicles to explore the much larger islands in the 3D design.

Features of the current version 2 by stranded

• New and larger islands with countless animals and plants
• Over 100 different items available
• Large arsenal of different tools, weapons and ammunition
• Many different buildings and vehicles

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