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StoneAge2 is a lovingly crafted, contemporary version of the cult classic "Boulder Dash" game.



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Boulder Dash game principle was simple: the character you had to collect as many gems in different, cave-like levels, without thereby killed by debris or the creatures living in the tunnels to the victim to fall. A game so that you had to read long instructions nor invest the entire leisure. StoneAge2 implements this scheme one to one, can boast but a greater depth of the game and of course SGP graphics.

StoneAge2 is much more colorful than his great role model and has also compared to the previous version "StoneAge" much to offer: so were both increases the levels and added new enemies, and gameplay elements. On the technical side, StoneAge2 has to post a completely reconditioned control and better graphics and sound effects. Although also StoneAge2 supports any 16:9-resolution, but for real retro feeling you don't need that also. One thing is certain: real Boulder Dash-feeling will come up on your computer only with StoneAge2!

All 22 levels of the first part as well as the possibility of include the features of StoneAge2 24 large, scrollable part levels, create your own to integrate levels in the game. StoneAge2 is designed for all versions of Windows from Windows 98 and also runs on Windows 7 without any problems.

The StoneAge2 features in detail:

• 24 Levels
• Included 22 levels from the first part
• Many new opponents and game elements
• Your own levels with the level design tool creatable
• Runs on all Windows 98 systems
• Can be downloaded free of charge

Background and details about the cult game

StoneAge2 is a game that relies on the virtues of the early days of Atari history: but with much enthusiasm and good ideas, games were created with little effort and limited technical resources, then, who have not lost to her fascination with today. The best thing about StoneAge2: It is freeware and can be downloaded free of charge. If you want, you can donate a small amount to get the developer and gain access to the StoneAge-level designer, which you can use to design your own maps for this as a thank you. You can make available to other players or you stock up on there own with new levels your levels in the StoneAge2 Forum. Also an interesting idea of the developer: messages build up in your StoneAge2 levels and send it as greeting cards to your friends!

Description of the version: StoneAge2

StoneAge2 offers many improvements and new features. In addition to the levels from the previous version include StoneAge2 new levels, which are larger and faster scrolling. A level editor allows you to create your own levels and share with other players. In the current version of friends appears at the end of the game, how you can contribute by donating to the game.

The features of StoneAge2 version 1.12

• New and old levels make for fun.
• At the end of the game is displayed, which you can use to support the game a donation request.
• More features make even better StoneAge2.

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