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StereoPhoto maker is the tool for the production of stereoscopic photographs and graphics.



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StereoPhoto Maker

Discover the world of stereoscopy and create your own 3D photos and graphics. StereoPhoto maker is a fully equipped tool box with which you can simply edit 3D images.

The 3D technology is there already since the beginning of the last century, but it was never as sophisticated as it is today. To produce pictures themselves is not rocket science Stereoskope. You can create your own three-dimensional images with an appropriate image editing tool. StereoPhoto maker is the image editing program that will help you. It comes with many features that allow you to edit your pictures in many ways, to change and to overlap, creating a stereoscopic effect, so a three-dimensional image.

Click on one of the seven menu items to edit photos and graphics. In the submenus numerous options are offered you, with which you can change images and correct. Under the menu item "Edit", you can for example vertical and horizontal tilt photos and turn. StereoPhoto maker offers you a total eight alignment options. To keep the overview, you can renumber the already rotated images. To adjust image height and width and the pure and zoom out, you go to the tab "View". The images will appear here so adapted, not distorting, so squeezed or pulled long. Automatic color adjustment under "Adjustment" allows to set a reference image for color correction. Not accidentally to get back to the initial screen, there is a built-in lock. You can publish the images processed with StereoPhoto maker on the Web. Implement the photos for example across your social networks. Your friends will perceive them as three-dimensional images.

Description of the version: StereoPhoto Maker

The current version of StereoPhoto maker offers some improvements over previous versions. So, for example extensions for the alignment of the images have been added. The submenu items of the individual menu items were also extended to numerous options and fixed a bug. The facilities have been expanded to adjust the image size. Also, there is the possibility now, already used or edit to mark images in order to give a better overview. Last but not least, translation errors have been corrected.

The main characteristics of functions by StereoPhoto maker

• Sophisticated image manipulation program
• Many tools for manufacturing and processing stereoscopic images
• Different ways of displaying images
• Implementation of the processed images on Web pages

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