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Stereogram creator you can create images with spatial depth so stereograms.



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Stereogram Creator

If you want to create images with spatial depth, the Stereogram creator is ideal for these tasks. With a mouse click, you can create stereograms with the Stereogram creator. While it is the Stereogram creator even free software. You must choose only for a texture in the Stereogram creator in addition to 19 motifs in the form of the depth maps. Stereogram creator creates a corresponding Stereogram with a click on "Generate". You can secure this as JPG or BMP file easily and quickly.

Stereogram creator creates a random pattern of points as an alternative to a texture. Based on several parameters with the Stereogram creator, you can affect the later appearance of the Stereogram. In pixels, you can also specify the desired output size, screen resolution, and the viewing distance.

You can so claim justifiably that the Stereogram creator brings the whole fascination of 3D images, which especially during the mid-90s have been very popular, on modern Windows machine. With the Stereogram creator, you can create very vivid stereograms as experienced users with just a few clicks.

Stereogram creator - the features

• free of charge
• 19 Characters of depth maps
• Save in BMP or JPG
• Output size in pixels
• Screen resolution in pixels
• Viewing distance in pixels

Finding the right perspective

The history of the Stereogram of creators is the fact that a Stereogram is an image lying on a flat screen, or on a page, which appears in proper perspective as a three-dimensional image. These stereograms as RDS (random dot stereograms) or SIRDS (single image RDS) will be titled. Designers know to report that there are great emotions when you look at his first own Stereogram. Finally it has been seen as a three-dimensional image is created (so the impossible possible is), which was not previously visible. A Stereogram is an obvious pattern and an additional 3D image that is virtually hidden, accordingly. The Stereogram creator shall assist you in creating stereo programmes. When viewing you should the do not mistake, you got the pattern - so the official image - in focus. You must not see the monitor surface. It is a matter of learning how you can perfect the find of the right perspective. Experienced designers who create with Stereogram creator stereo gramme, need for only seconds.

Description of the version: Stereogram Creator

Develop the popular 3D images by using the Stereogram of creators and design according to your own requirements the stereograms, known also as Holusion. Thanks to the already existing in the software figures, you can create a Stereogram by adding any texture. Or create even the texture using the various parameter settings like output size, viewing distance and screen resolution. Later to view your stereograms, you can make them as BMP or JPG file.

The Stereogram Creator offers you:

• Design your own stereograms
• Selection of different depth masks available, figures
• Make any textures
• Save the generated stereograms as BMP or JPG file

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