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Stellarium offers you a great experience and is just as exciting as the space itself.



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If you like to look at the stars, you have various options. Most require but darkness and a possible strong binoculars or a telescope. You have other options but, because you can use stellarium. No matter where you are on the world, Stellarium represents in real time on your screen the sky above you. And even in broad daylight and without a telescope. This is no gimmick Stellarium, but works strictly scientifically - but still makes a lot of fun. The default catalog includes 600,000 stars, the additional catalogs expand the number to 210 million stars.

First, you have to enter your current location. This can be done either on a map or enter the latitude and longitude. After you save the starry sky you appears then as well, as he looks at the moment on. Of course, you can always adjust the site if you find yourself again in a different location or just want to see what the starry sky on your chat partner looks at the other end of the world. Or send your boyfriend or your girlfriend but an image of the night sky from a location that means something to you both. Or create an image of the sky on the day of your birth or the date of birth of someone else. This is a great gift for Christmas or birthday. Because with Stellarium you can change not only your site but also the date to which you want to look at the starry sky. Stellarium is therefore not only a real-time Observatory, but at the same time also an interactive archive of the starry sky.

You can use Stellarium for many purposes and also for education use. Both teachers and students can use Stellarium for the classroom or for homework. Screenshots are possible at any time, so that the pictures even in speeches and essays could be used. And although Stellarium is a free open source solution, the software, in planetariums used to display star heavens. Thus, you can be sure that your material created with Stellarium beyond any doubt is raised.

Features of stellarium:

• Look at stars
• View like through a pair of binoculars
• Sky visible in real time
• 600,000 Stars
• Additional catalog available
• Interactive archive

About Stellarium

The program is a true open source solution and has been available since 2007. Due to the comprehensive Stellarium is used also of planetariums as well as teaching material. A commercial use is possible, due to embedded images by third parties but to observe copyright law and to clarify directly with the owners.

Description of the version: Stellarium

You catch the starry sky on your PC with the latest version of stellarium. Sky in the represented 3D appears as realistic as the view through a telescope. An additional catalog with over 210 million stars has been added now to the standard catalog, which contains over 600,000 stars. You can explore the star images from 12 different cultures as well as the milky way in a realistic representation. In addition, you can now also satellite and the ISS show.

The most important innovations of Stellarium 0.10.2 at a glance

• Standard catalog with 600,000 and additional catalog with 210 million stars
• Star images from 12 different Kultukreisen
• Very realistic milky way
• Satellite and ISS

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