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With Steganos privacy suite to protect your photos, movies and documents before the eyes of others.



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Steganos Privacy Suite

You can send files, photos and even movies around the world with your laptop. Thanks to Steganos privacy suite you can be now also completely safe here. No matter whether on a USB stick, a CD, or on your computer. Encrypt your data with the help of Steganos privacy suite in virtual safes. But why must you actually protect your data? The loss of a USB flash drive or a DVD can bring important information into the wrong hands. With the new Steganos privacy suite, you can protect your data from unwanted access.

You want to sell your computer? Then, you delete all private data. With the Steganos privacy suite you're sure, that these are also not restored. With the Steganos shredder, you can permanently delete all your data. However, is no more program. You can also delete your surfing habits with the auto surf and work destruction of traces of without leaving traces, Steganos privacy suite.

Where you keep all your passwords? The Steganos privacy suite in the Steganos password manager, you can organize them encrypted and manage. All your emails are kept safe in the E-Mail encryption feature of the new Steganos privacy suite, as well as your Favorites. Therefore, you should install a data protection software, such as Steganos privacy suite on your computer always in addition to a firewall and an antivirus program.

Steganos privacy suite at a glance:

• Encrypt all your data in virtual safes.
• Organize and manage all your passwords and other access codes
• Permanently delete your unused programs
• Use the email encryption function
• Automatic surf and work destruction of traces of
• Nurze shorthand and optionally the Steganos AntiTheft.

System requirements for Steganos privacy suite

You need for your new Steganos privacy Suite Microsoft Windows XP or younger and a minimum 1.2 GHz processor. In addition, you need a memory with 256 MB and a free hard drive space with at least 100 MB. Your computer should also have an Internet connection for updates and a mouse or other pointing hardware. Your screen should have a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels and be set at least to high color, so 16-bit. The system requirements can also vary from Steganos privacy suite for certain optional tools. Also, there may be a restriction of functionality under some operating systems, for example, there is no mailbox encryption under Windows Vista.

Description of the version: Steganos Privacy Suite

The latest version of Steganos privacy suite boasts some very meaningful and functional innovations. The term suite you indicates that you can take a package of multiple software services. This package includes a true all-round protection for your PC. For example, passwords for different portals are managed so that you gain greater visibility and safety for your interactivity with certain sites.

The new features of the latest version of Steganos privacy suite

• Virtual safes for the encryption of files
• Encrypted administrative credentials and passwords
• Complete and irrevocable destruction of files possible

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