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Stealthy provides security when surfing in the Internet and advanced accessibility for Firefox.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Stealthy für Firefox

The stealthy add-on for Firefox extends your access rights on banned YouTube videos and on certain pages indexed in Germany. In addition, it improves your surf safety on the Internet.

Essentially, you get three new features if you are using the free add-on stealthy for Firefox. It pretends to various Internet control mechanisms that you find outside yourself on a machine from Germany. This way you can watch the YouTube videos, are actually not seen in Germany due to copyright or other restrictions. The video portal encrypts the country code, you have to go to so only your Germany ID to see blocked clips. Secondly the stealthy add-on for Firefox allows you to visit blocked sites on the Internet, because the redirection via an intermediary proxy server allows more extensive access rights. So you can hear for example the Webradio of Pandora suppressed in Germany since 2007. A third function of stealthy for Firefox is your own safety while surfing. Also in this case the redirection via a proxy server is critical. Thus you have only an indirect connection to the Internet, can be less well monitored and spied. Possible threats from the Internet are captured browsing with stealthy for Firefox through a proxy server. You stay anonymous.

The freeware add-on stealthy for Firefox has a file size of 19.3 kByte and runs only on Mozilla Firefox. So far, you have another browser, you should first install Mozilla Firefox before you download the corresponding addon stealthy for Firefox.

Stealthy for Firefox runs under modern operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS.

Description of the version: Stealthy für Firefox

The version 0.7 of the free add-ons stealthy for Firefox improves your access rights to protected or indexed pages on the Internet. Also you can watch videos on YouTube so, are locked in Germany due to copyright. Stealthy for Firefox manages all of your Internet activities via a proxy server, which in addition to the advanced accessibility improves your security when surfing. Your computer is connected to the Internet only or indirectly and remains anonymous.

The freeware add-on stealthy for Firefox

• Access to blocked clips from YouTube
• Access to indexed and suppressed sites on the Internet
• Anonymous surfing
• Improved security in various activities on the Internet

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