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StaxRip is an all-round movie encoder that is simple as well as high standards.



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StaxRip is a handy and free encoder program that converts MPEG-2 movies in the comfortable and memory-efficient MPEG-4 format. With its automatic settings and manual intervention there aimed at laymen and professionals alike.

StaxRip is a free and versatile video encoder, which you can use to convert video files or whole drives such as DVDs. Even conversions of data of your TV card in XviD, DivX, or H. 264 represents no problem.

The benefits of StaxRip lie in its broad interpretation. For lay people and less experienced users, the integrated automation take over most of the work and achieve good results. Experts, however, can selectively influence the processes and improved the results in this way. Generally, the user friendliness of StaxRip is exemplary, and despite the complexity of the process, the program interface will appear, as if every child could understand it. The encoder seeks a compromise between quality and compression by default, if you want to achieve maximum quality, manual adjustment is necessary.

Of course, StaxRip supported most of the modern encoding methods such as MKV, AAC, MP4, or x 264 CLI. With the program you can not only convert DVDs but also HD formats. The process of encoding is self explanatory. You can leave the work with just a few clicks StaxRip or change the parameters of the subtitle, the video or the audio settings for fine tuning. Because the program on Microsoft's.NET technology is based, must all users who do not work with Windows 7, .NET Framework 3.5 download and install. 7 Users have already integrated these Windows in your system. Test the program today and convince you of his skills!

Description of the version: StaxRip

StaxRip is a relatively small video encoder that can keep its functionality and its complexity with the large but with his tight 42 megabytes. The program is aimed at amateurs and professionals alike. With the automatic processes, even for untrained users can achieve very good results, advanced, however, can exert influence on each individual process and still improve so the results. StaxRip supported Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and of course Windows 7.

This offers you the latest version of StaxRip:

• Small video encoder with great options
• For laity as suitable also for professionals
• Encoded DVDs and HD formats
• For win 2000, XP, Vista and 7

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