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StarWind RAM disk is a handy tool to speed up Temp folder and paging files.



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StarWind RAM Disk

Have you ever wondered what to begin with all the RAM that brings any reasonably current computer? Six, eight or even 16 gigabytes of RAM to be filled somehow. The StarWind RAM disk you accelerate even the PC it ideally.

A RAM disk is a virtual drive in the computer's memory. Instead of to back up the data on the relatively slow hard drive, the files can be stored in extremely fast RAM of your PC now. Depending on what files you now disc put on the RAM, the PC is sometimes noticeably quicker.

The program of StarWind RAM disk can be with just a few mouse clicks and without experiences with the topic a part of RAM as a virtual disk set you. StarWind RAM disk installs a driver that feign an extra hard drive to the operating system for this purpose. The free version of StarWind RAM disk leaving the setting of a maximum of 1 GB memory to one or more virtual disks to. The option "Auto Mount this Device" then ensures that the RAM disk at every system startup is shown again in the data Explorer. But caution: Memory is volatile, the StarWind RAM disk are cleared completely in any shutdown of the computer.

After setting up you can have, for example, the TEMP folder of the operating system into the RAM StarWind disk, accessed that folder then not only at a breathtaking pace, even when shutting down the computer completely disappear the files intended only for temporary use. Alternatively, you can also the browser cache the StarWind RAM load disc, also in this version there a certain speed advantage and a big plus in convenience, clears the browser cache with the reboot. No chance for annoying cookies!

Description of the version: StarWind RAM Disk

StarWind RAM disk is a handy tool to create a virtual hard disk in the computer's memory. Compared to a hard drive, a RAM working disk almost 1,000 times faster, even modern SSDs can not keep at this rate. Since the RAM automatically deletes disk itself after shutdown of the computer - like makes it the entire contents of system memory when the RAM gets no more electricity - disk good for temporary files to be automatically deleted after shutdown is the RAM.

StarWind RAM disk version 5.5 build 2010-03-10

• Creates a maximum 1 GB big disk in the RAM
• Deleted content which RAM is disk shutdown
• Automount feature launches RAM disk with Windows
A virtual device driver integrates with • in the Explorer.

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