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StarUML is the most comprehensive, free developer software in the field of UML tools.



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Are you active working in the modeling of software designs and have to deal daily with corresponding UML tools? Then there is no way leads you past StarUML. StarUML is an powerful UML program available that opts for a completely free license you. You are no longer dependent on the larger, commercial software solutions in this area in your work and can get started immediately. StarUML supports all friends known chart types in the Unified Modeling Language, brushings you you don't need to. Now just download the software because is completely free for you.

With StarUML, you can develop flexible, extensible, and quickly developing UML/MDA platform that can run on Win32 systems. Use the UML 2.0 MDA, which offers many customizable variables default for your software designs or the new model driven architecture, briefly. These include about UML profiles, model framework and the notation extension. The program is designed to support MDA.

StarUML offers you also a sophisticated plugin architecture. This lets you expand StarUML to all functions, which you do without not. You can even have your own plug-in the developing. Using the programming languages C++, Delphi, c#, Visual Basic, or any of many other COM compliant languages. With your own plug-in the no limits your possibilities in the area of software design.

Other features of StarUML:

• Support of templates
• SPEM module
• Agent modeling language profile
• Word template designer
• Eriksson-Penker business extensions
• Extension for Web applications

The development of StarUML

StarUML is developed by plastic software. The program was formerly known under the name of plastic or plastic agora. The first version of plastic with the number of 0.9 was released in 1996. The first final version followed in the year. Finally in 2005 it was renamed StarUML. The company programmed the software StarUML in collaboration with volunteer developers, what happens in the spirit of free software. According to StarUML is published via a modified GPL, so a General Public License. If you want, you can turn over the site to the developer team and offer your assistance. Because the project is open-source software, you can find the entry in the programming and development at any time.

Description of the version: StarUML

With the current version of StarUML, a Unified Modeling Language tool, you can easily develop your software projects. The advantage of StarUML is the openness of the system, that hot, you need not to set you on a specific programming language, but can develop your application as a theoretical project. While you can map in addition also business processes as well as the data structure with StarUML to the structure of the application.

Features of the current version of StarUML 5.0

• Design of an application without setting on a programming language
• Free open source application
• Fast, flexible and expandable
• Designed for the Windows 32 platform

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