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  • Windows 1.20

StarTrade 1.20 is a 2D space game in the best tradition of Arcade with free gameplay.



  • License: Full version
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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


After downloading and decompressing, you can immediately get started with StarTrade 1.20. The nice thing about the game is that it has no firmly defined goal. It is so to go through any missions, but StarTrade 1.20 at your pace and according to your will, you can play. Would you want to define a target, it perhaps would be hunting for fame and wealth, but also here you can choose again, how you want to achieve this. You can choose the martial art in StarTrade 1.20 and come forward with battles and conquests, or you choose the peaceful way and doing trade.

In addition to the not-defined goal of StarTrade 1.20, there is also little fixed points within the game. You can change almost everything about a modification of the .ini files within the game. This can go as far as that runs the game no longer in space, but in a different environment. Depending on how you it should like. At the start of the game, three different modes available are friends. In addition to the arcade mode, in which you can enter directly in the first battle, you get a detailed guide to the functions and tasks in the normal game mode by StarTrade 1.20. The view is doing via the keyboard in 2-D, the control of all functions. On the screen you get it displayed both friendly and enemy targets in different colors.

The mission is now making money on trade and fight against pirates. How you achieve that in StarTrade 1.20, is up to you. The fight is certainly more fun than trade, but because your enemies are armed, the risk is much higher. Especially at the beginning of StarTrade 1.20 your armament is still not very good, as your armour can be quickly damaged. But perhaps you can improve your equipment through a modding of the .ini files, so you don't have to go at StarTrade 1.20 not a rookie in the race.

Features of StarTrade 1.20:

• Space game
• Economic simulation and shooter
• 3 different roles to choose from
• your own game design
• free license
• requires Win2000/XP/Vista

About StarTrade 1.20

StarTrade 1.20 is a business simulation, which was transferred to the space. The theme is loosened up by the different roles that the player can take and let the StarTrade 1.20 an entertaining pleasure.

Description of the version: StarTrade

StarTrade 1.20 is the latest space business simulation for the PC. You can choose, whether you you want to go as a trader, pirate or Bounty Hunter in the adventure. You how you act, fly your spaceship and attack other objects shows a tutorial. Since the game is freely modifiable, you can make your own universe. Trade with energy cells, raw materials and Cyclotonium will take you to wealth. Soon, the battle for the big money begins with the other pirates and traders.

How to play the space simulation StarTrade 1.20

• Start your career in the universe as a trader, pirate or Bounty Hunter.
• Get through trade to great wealth.
• Fight against your opponent.

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