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Changed the standard Windows Start menu and makes it clearer.



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Start Menu X

Start menu X improves your Start menu within Windows.

Still, most Windows users use and still exists here and there dissatisfaction with the system. Which is why the range of tools that change the view of the Windows is very large. Start menu X is a tool and brings order to the Windows Start menu. The standard menu is getting rather confusing and sometimes unwieldy. Start menu X does help and addresses exactly this problem.

After the installation, a much larger window of the menu offers, the applications can be no time to select. At the same time start brings menu X also some shortcuts know-how, allowing you to navigate within the menu. It also features can be accessed faster, so you can shut your computer down with the Tasteturkürzel F8.

Menu X support boot in 64 bit systems also. Also, there is a pro version of this tool, which provides even more features and can further change the appearance of the Startmemüs.

Description of the version: Start Menu X

Practical features that are simply missing from the conventional Windows.

Start Menu X start-menu-x

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