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Star Siege: Tribes is a first-person shooter who wrote history and ties today!



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Starsiege: Tribes

Star Siege: Tribes is a pioneer in the multi player games. For the first time focused is a game only on a multiplayer mode, with the player only over an Internet or Wi Fi network could compete. Is Star Siege: tribes not regular single player mode, only a few training missions.

The influence of Star WINS was because of its pioneering position in terms of team play and the multi player features: tribes at its release in 1998 on the future generation of first-person shooters like counter strike, Halo, Unreal Tournament or Battlefield 1942 enormously. Now can you free download this classic game and yourself make sure star WINS how much: Tribes influenced the video game world.

The game was still over 210,000 copies sold and still enjoys a loyal and very active Fancommunity. As a result of his missing single player mode and the enormous number of players by up to 32 players, Star WINS requires: tribes distinctive tactics and teamwork skills. A single player is no chance in the disputes. The game contains, as befits a good Mehrspielershooter, various classic game modes such as capture the flag or WINS, in which an attacking and a defending party each compete and be must beaten in time. But also less conventional modes there are like the rabbit mode in Star Siege: tribes to find. There, the carrier of a flag must survive as long as possible. The player who managed to carry the flag the longest at the end of the match, won.

Star Siege: Tribes supports Windows systems Win 95, Win 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000 and win me. The game to version 1.30 can be updated by an unofficial patch. This is with all official v1. 11 servers compatible. Test this much to neglected classics of video game history today!

Description of the version: Starsiege: Tribes

Star Siege: Tribes nowadays still has a loyal community. Because of its special position and pioneering work for the multiplayer video game scene, many aspects of the game in later multiplayer shooters were copied, for example, in Halo, counter strike or Unreal Tournament. Using an unofficial patches, you can star WINS: tribes on the version 1.30 expand making it with all official v1. 11-servers is compatible. House a piece of video game history and engage in the battlefield!

This gives you the first person shooter star victories: tribes:

• Models for games like Halo, counter-strike or Unreal Tournament
• Including various game modes such as capture the flag, siege, or rabbit
• For up to 32 human players

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