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StarMoney 7.0 is the ideal program to facilitate the daily online banking friends.



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StarMoney 7.0 is the ideal partner for you in online banking. StarMoney 7.0 you can manage your entire accounts with only a single program, and at the highest security level. StarMoney 7.0 supports all national and international banks and financial institutions. You will need to enter your bank data only, and already you have full access via secure connection to your account. All login names and passwords must be entered only once when you set up the account on StarMoney 7.0. Then you can login by simply pressing a button. StarMoney 7.0 makes an end to the many annoying registrations on various portals.

In addition to normal Bank and credit accounts 7.0 are supported for StarMoney also a variety of other online portals. So, you have also the possibility to manage account your eBay or check your payback point level. Even online payment portals like PayPal are fully supported. Once users enter data is enough, to have access to your complete financial status at any time with one click via StarMoney 7.0.

StarMoney 7.0 you can monitor not only your full accounts, but you can analyse your personal purchase behavior. By you can put yours all invoices and catalog in the program, you can create your own its own financial plan. Using graphs and tables, you now an overview of your monthly income and expenses and can plan better. By managing your invoices via the PC you saves you a bunch of paperwork in addition, and no document is lost more. You can plan your financial future with StarMoney 7.0: manage your retirement savings, even by you've got funds and securities at a glance.

All the benefits of StarMoney 7.0 at a glance:

• Supports all known banks
• absolute security
• supports eBay
• supports PayPal
• Preparation of financial plans
• Digital invoice management

StarMoney 7.0 is a revolution for online banking

StarMoney 7.0 is a product of the Hamburg-based company star financial, and was released in the spring of 2009. The first version of StarMoney appeared in 1997, and has been since then constantly revised and improved. StarMoney was one of the first programs that made possible the management of multiple online accounts and thus simplified the online banking. In addition to the version for private customers, there are also special solutions for corporate clients.

Description of the version: StarMoney

The online-banking-software StarMoney 7.0 now offers an additional alarm button, which will instruct you, if a payment is overdue. In addition, the software now has a billing account. This brings together all your mobile phone bills and created an overview of your entire mobile phone costs. Another new feature is the search function, which allows you to find bills without much effort. Minor detail improvements make for a better user experience. New is also the income and output comparison.

The most important innovations of StarMoney 7.0

• Alarm button for overdue payments
• New revenue and expenditure comparison
• New search
• A new account
• Greater user convenience thanks to detail improvements
• Summary of mobile phone bills

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