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Star Wars: The battle of Endor: an independent hit in the best tradition of tie fighter and X-Wing



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Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

Your intergalactic fan dreams was: A new 3D-Space-Shooter in the colourful Cosmos of Star Wars is emerging from the endless expanse of the Internet - and the also free and without horrendous hardware requirements. Star Wars: The battle of Endor is the hyperspace jump on your screen.

After episode I-III captured the screens and home cinema, it became quiet around the original trilogy by part IV-VI. Luke, Leia and Han were it to be lived not so neglected. Because in the past four decades, George Lucas had fed his cash cow with plenty of novels, video games and merchandising. The horizon of the Star Wars saga has been continuously expanded.

There was once a long time ago...
The video game series were great moments of marketing and at the same time the history of gaming tie fighter and X-Wing in this context certainly. On the side of the Empire or the rebel, you can explore the boundless freedom and the deadly darkness of space, fight enormous battles, and become a part of the Star Wars universe.

... in a far, far Galaxy away
In this great tradition of classics by LucasArts is also Star Wars: the battle of Endor - with the notable difference that it cost you a dime and comes alone penned the programming of a man. Star Wars: The battle of Endor is the new trick by Bruno R. Marcos, a true star wars enthusiasts. You're taking as Luke Skywalker in the final battle from Episode VI: return of the Jedi part and therefore affects the fate of an entire Galaxy. In the shadow of the second death star, you'll encounter not only hordes of tie fighters, but even the Super Star Destroyer executor, but also the Millennium Falcon. Lando Calrissian is finally also provides you with pioneering radio spells and given the enormous superiority of opponent - repeatedly speaks to courage:. Star Wars: The battle of Endor is more on simulation, because on Arcade, without compromising on crushing action. The angular, slightly antiquated-looking 3D graphics gives a great deal of nostalgia the space shooter. May the force be with you.

Description of the version: Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

The space-shooter Star Wars held completely in English: The battle of Endor is the latest result of the independent project to the Star Wars experts of Bruno R. Marcos. With just 16 MB size, you will get you a free space combat simulation with nostalgic flair on the computer. Only the outer shell of your X-Wing separates you from the entire Imperial fleet, you fight as Luke Skywalker in 6 levels - from the tie-fighter up to the Super Star Destroyer. The secret is runs on all Windows platforms from 98.

Star Wars: The battle of Endor: facts and figures

• Uncompromising 3D graphics
• Detailed simulation of epic space battles
• Nostalgic feeling of Star Wars
• 6 brand new level of thrill and suspense
• With almost all versions of Windows compatible
• Requires little space and minimal system requirements

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